Cutting the Pattern

The Couture Process



The consultation is the first step in the couture process. This involves a meeting between the client and the Designer. This meeting can be in one or more of the following forms:



Virtual via a video call.


Chat via WhatsApp and text messaging.

Electronic Mail (E-Mail).


Any other medium preferred by the client whereby an agreement is reached on product and services to be rendered.

During the consultation phase, the client and the Designer will discuss the purpose of the order and what combination of products and services best meets the client’s needs. All clients are encouraged to communicate all design ideas in detail and provide pictorial visuals of those ideas in order to ensure both parties understand what is to be achieved. The Designer will then offer her own design expertise which may enhance, complement or change the client’s design.




Having concluded all designs and customizations to be done, the Pre-Production phase begins with the following steps:

Design Details Document.


You will receive our design details document via e-mail which will outline all the intricate details of your couture gown. This document will have pictorial visuals, fabric selections, color choices, and all customizations for your couture gown. This document is the formal representation of all designs finalized between the client and the Designer. 

Garment Sketches & Illustrations.


These are available upon request only and will incur an additional expense. Clients that do not request a garment sketch will proceed automatically to the measurement phase. All sketches delivered to clients remain the sole property of Eden Couture therefore Eden Couture reserves the right to use these sketches as it wishes.


Measurements can be done in person or virtually, per the client's preference. For clients able to come into the atelier, measurements will be taken in detail by the Designer or a skilled assistant. For clients unable to come into the atelier, we will book a virtual appointment with you where your measurements will be taken in detail via a video call with precise direction from the Designer.




Please allow 4-6 weeks (excluding weekends and holidays) for the production of suits and dress shirts.

Please allow 16 weeks (excluding weekends and holidays) for the production of wedding gowns.

Please allow 4-6 weeks (excluding weekends and holidays) for the production of evening gowns.





Once your gown is ready for your first fitting, you will be contacted by a team member to schedule your fitting appointment at the atelier. Should your garment need alterations, please allow up to three weeks for a second fitting to be scheduled.

Garment Pick-up / Delivery.

A team member will contact you via e-mail immediately once your garment is ready to be picked up or shipped.