Custom Clergy Vestments

At Eden Couture, we acknowledge how important it is to choose the perfect clothing to represent your commitment to your faith. Our team of professionals provides hand-tailored, custom clergy vestments that have been crafted with the utmost quality and artistry.


We offer a wide range of customizable choices that include numerous colors and designs that are perfect to suit any need. These various options allow the wearer to both feel and look respectable in an outfit that serves a great purpose in their lives, and the lives of others.


We take pride in the commitment the staff at Eden Couture brings to our customers’ visions to life through customizable designs.

Custom Dalmatics and Stoles

Stoles are made to comfortably fit around the neck of the wearer and drape down along the sides of their Vestment. The Stoles beautifully compliment many of our other fine products such as Choir Robes, Clergy Robes, and Handmade Cassocks. The Stoles are created with fine high-quality materials and are very carefully crafted and tailored by our professional team.

Custom Choir Robes

Our custom choir robes consist of a variation of vibrant colors and materials that are beautifully eye-catching for services and performances. The robes run ankle length and have long, flowy sleeves. Robes provide a very unified and distinct look for those in groups and are able to be customized from a wide selection to fit your own Church’s needs.


Custom Clergy Robes

We are proud to provide custom clergy robes that highlight the magnificence of your church and its members. We support churches of all sizes and can work with you to design a robe that is sharp, eye-catching, and uniquely yours.


Handmade Cassocks

Lightweight, hoodless clergy garments with long sleeves, cassocks are garments that are carefully made to wear under a Vestment and can be customized to compliment your main garments.


Bespoke Chasubles

A chasuble is a liturgical vestment like a cape or long stole. It is worn by a minister, bishop, or deacon on top of their other garments, and serves to identify their rank during service. Our Gothic and Monastic chasubles provide the elegance your service needs. Matching the season, each vestment is made to fit with careful measurements to assure comfort.


Funeral Palls

It's never easy to think about death. But there are ways to remember and honor someone who has passed with dignity. Our handcrafted funeral vestments and paraments combine a sober sense of respect with the symbols that remind us of the promise of life everlasting.


You'll never need to worry about the quality and craftsmanship of your personalized, one-of-a-kind religious vestments. Eden Couture is here to make your life easier, guaranteeing a fantastic experience and great quality products.


Need your tailoring for your existing vestments? Schedule an appointment for your individual fitting session in our Toledo, Ohio shop.