Time-honored and hand-tailored, our traditional, old world construction methods are the soul behind each masterpiece garment. There are no shortcuts when taking an artisan’s approach to creating garments of enduring appeal.


Whether creating a unique hand-cut bespoke garment or a custom pattern personalized with styling options, the create process runs from four to ten weeks. Each garment is as distinctive as the client it was created for, with an exacting and elegant natural fit that rewards with an enduring appeal and timeless elegance.


With a nod to old-fashioned personal service, we keep every client abreast of the progress of their garments, from blue pencil creation to the day when the last stitches are sewn.


We also employ the latest high’ tech tools to extend and expand the worth of services already rendered—including clients’ measurements, specific patterns, and previous orders. This constantly updated wardrobe profile enables our clients to acquire their next Eden Couture garment with uncommon ease to enhance their life with custom garments that evolve with their own elegant signature.