A lot of us get the blues during the darker part of our revolution around the sun. But the blues don’t have to get you down. In fact, blues are great for winter—and a pop of red can make any outfit festive around the holidays. Just be sure you put on a few more layers--maybe a custom, cashmere overcoat--before you head out the door. As they say, "Baby, it's cold outside." Certain items are unavoidable if you plan to stay warm and stylish. Updating your wardrobe can be daunting if tackled alone, so let’s see if we can help you identify what you have, what you need, and what you can’t live without. Schedule an appointment with one of our fitters to discuss these details further or to look at the countless high-end fabric options we have available for you. BEANIE Some simple garments have the power to totally change your outfit, leaving you looking sophisticated and suave, laid back and casual, or somewhere in-between. The beanie is such a garment. When dressing with a beanie, stay away from appearing too casual (AKA sloppy.) A tight fit is traditional and clean, and the oversized, some might say, “hipster-designs,” belong more to the casual, street-style arena.

SCARF If your argument is that a scarf is not masculine, I’m going to have to kick you out. Go on...there is no hope. Tie it, wrap it, or let it hang; you can’t go wrong with this one. I suggest sticking with cashmere, but that’s just a personal favorite. Even with a slightly subpar jacket, a scarf can keep you warm in some frigid temps. Although you want to stick to wool and cashmere scarves in the winter, I just tie them differently for cool, cold, and freezing temperatures.

FLANNEL SHIRT Although any of your shirts will work for layering, flannel can be the style element that brings your winter theme to cohesion. Forget about the lumberjack look (unless that is your thing.) Flannel is essential for all complete winter wardrobes. Although flannel and plaid often go together, flannel is a fabric; plaid is a pattern. Red, blue, charcoal, and green--just to start--all work to extend your style options throughout winter. Schedule an appointment with one of our fitters to discuss these details further or to look at the countless high-end fabric options we have available for you. TURTLENECK Can you say sophistication? No? Try this: [TUR] + [TUHL] + [NEK]. Same thing. This staple piece of clothing pairs beautifully with everything--seriously everything. Dark jeans, deep-hue turtleneck, and dark sports coat. Boom, done. You must have one black and one white. Other than that, select a few in various colors so you can swap them out during warmer and cooler, talking color here, days. You can’t go wrong with this iconic attire, so make sure you have a couple of them in your wardrobe!

CASUAL SWEATER I’m mostly talking zip-up, but I know some of you prefer a pullover. Like always, choose the variant that makes you feel best. Pair a light sweater with a dark blazer for that youthful-office look, or lose the blazer and pop a puffy over it when it’s extra cold--you’ll thank me.

CARDIGAN This garment can easily mimic the power of a sport coat with the soft “come-cuddle-me” vibes you’ll be hard-pressed to get from worsted wool. Just keep in mind that this garment is chunky and will limit your ability to layer, so make sure you don’t need to stay too warm, like outside in the cold on your walk home--not chillin’ in a nippy office. Schedule an appointment with one of our fitters to discuss these details further or to look at the countless high-end fabric options we have available for you. JACKET First thing’s first, get a real, modern jacket. A puffy jacket is one of the most versatile and warm pieces of clothing, and everyone should have it in their wardrobe. When it’s too cold for even a thick wool jacket—we’re talking in places that experience true winter—stick with the puffy all day. As long as it fits well and you follow basic color theory, you’ll look great in any scenario. That being said, many four-season wool jackets will work here with some smart layering: add a vest, a scarf, or sweater. It’s pretty easy. A blazer is aptly named. It should be blazing. If you’re looking for a loud piece, look for something in a heftier fabric--350 grams or more.

OVERCOAT One of your most valuable winter companions, the overcoat offers classic style elements, a sleek silhouette, and, casual or formal, accent most any other garment. The brisk wind of winter (assuming you live where winter happens as we do in Utah), you’ll want to make sure you order an overcoat. We’re talking knee-length and longer. I like to get one or two for winter with a flannel liner. Stick with woolen wools--390 grams and up--in earth tones and shades of black. If you plan to wear the overcoat over another jacket, ask your fitter to add a little fabric in the chest and sleeve diameters to ensure a proper fit. LEATHER GLOVES Soft leather gloves are a stylish way to keep your hands warm and everyone's heads turning. Dark colors such as brown and black are the best option to blend with the rest of your wardrobe. I tend to match my gloves to the shoe, and/or overcoat, I choose that day. Cashmere or alpaca-lined gloves are required as temperatures decline. I have a pair in black and a pair in tobacco brown, and they go with almost any outfit I have. Schedule an appointment with one of our fitters to discuss these details further or to look at the countless high-end fabric options we have available for you. DARK PANTS If you must stray from the warmth and hydrophobic qualities of wool, I’d suggest sticking with thicker denim in standard colors. In fact, well-fitted, dark blue jeans might be all you need to make it through a cold, casual setting. But let’s be honest, one or two Black, dark blue, or deep green jeans will ensure a classic, ever-changing ensemble. Plain, black jeans are a staple that every wardrobe should feature. Pair dark pants with nearly any of the other garments here, and you’ll be well dressed. Let’s try that honesty thing again; nothing says badass like raw denim--at least as far as pants right are concerned at this time. Even if you don’t care, I invite you to feel the power that comes from dressing in such a way. Jeans made from the Selvedge cut of raw denim are widely considered to produce the highest-quality pants. The denser, firmer denim forms to your body and appears upright and respectable for decades. As you get more confident in your chosen fit and style, you’ll learn to pair your dark jeans with jackets for a laid-back office look or with a flowing button-down and cardigan to stay comfy and cozy. From semi-formal to casual, you can work this essential piece of clothing into your closet. As cool as you will look in those jeans, let’s consider some other options to keep you looking, and feeling, warm. For cold-weather pants, I like plain and understated flannels, basic tweeds, and herringbone. Keep them thick for drape and warmth. Just like jeans, color can vary, but dark earth tones and shades of black seem to work best. Although corduroy has proven less popular, this fabric can be used carefully to upgrade your cold-weather wear (that is true for jackets and pants). With pants, the secret is to keep the ribbing shallow and close, so the fabric shows interest close but doesn’t beg for attention from afar.

WOOL SOCKS If you don’t have wool socks, stop reading. I’m not a good enough writer to explain their life-saving qualities. Go get some from your local outdoor store--remember to make sure it’s locally owned--and, after you wear them, come back and continue reading. We all like fluffy and cozy, and wool socks provide unparalleled foot, ankle, and lower leg warmth and comfort. You can even find some with a pop of color if that’s your thing. This style tip is simple. Just put on the socks. The rest will work itself out.

BOOTS Whether you’re knee-deep in snow or strolling through a brisk, city breeze, boots are the ultimate winter staple. Although admittedly, the style will drastically change depending on just how much snow there is, so for this article, we’ll stick to the idea of a somewhat civilized winter. With so many designs to choose from, you shouldn’t have difficulty incorporating boots into any outfit. Don’t be afraid to try on different boots with every outfit. I’m often pleasantly surprised by what works out. We’ve discussed a few items in a little detail. We hope you have many of these winter wardrobe essentials for every man already. If not, Make an appointment today with one of our master fitters to discuss completing your winter wardrobe. Schedule an appointment with one of our fitters to discuss these details further or to look at the countless high-end-fabric options we have available for you.


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